We are pleased to make the announcement that Drew Hayes will be taking the helm of the Design department. Effective July 1st, 2021 Drew will be the Design Manager for Alliance Truss. Drew was formerly the department head for the multifamily segment of our business. We chose this time to move forward with Drew’s advancement to coincide with the purchase of Alliance Truss by BFS. Drew has the skillset to move Alliance Truss into the future which includes our plans for rapid expansion to further supply our valued customers.

I believe that most of you are aware that Tracy Brumfiel graciously gave me notice months ago that he wished to step down from his role as Design manager and move back to Indiana to continue his career with us as a remote designer. Tracy is now a short two months away from that big move so this transition time was the perfect opportunity to make the change official.

Drew and Tracy have been working side by side seamlessly for the past few months in preparation for this upcoming day and will continue this cooperation.

This is an exciting time for us and it is a win/win announcement. Our good friend Tracy has been at the helm for 16 years and was instrumental in building our reputation as a valued supplier. Now the time has come to hand off the baton to Drew who is highly qualified to take us into the next 16 years and beyond.


Chuck Burks

Market Truss Manager, Arizona

Truss Announcement – Design Manager Change