Alliance Businesses are Essential and Adapting during COVID-19

 Alliance Businesses are Essential and Adapting During COVID-19

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To Our Associates and Customers,

Covid-19 is changing our world, that’s obvious. By continuing to strictly and diligently follow our Governments’ guidelines we will hopefully make a huge difference in infection severity for those of us who live in Arizona. I know we all have empathy and concern for all those infected. I do believe it is up to all of us who are healthy to continue to do everything we can to keep ourselves and our families healthy in order to not add additional stress on our economic or health care systems.

For the safety of all of us, our work habits have changed. Social distancing means we care about the health of all of those who we come into contact with.  That commitment to taking care of each other is still a priority. All of our services are also still in place. Our businesses are qualified as “essential” and until that changes (hopefully it will not) we consider each and every one of you as essential members of our team.

The thought of the definition of “Alliance” came to me as I reflected about other uncertain times many of us have experienced over the past 35-plus years. It’s been to our mutual benefit to get through these times together as a team. It’s been a good name and now more than ever I’m proud of who it represents.

True Carr

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